Caroline and David

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Our Story

Small decisions and coincidences can change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Picking an open seat in a class could lead to a niece and nephew being born, and two co-workers having July 3, 2014, off eventually led to the wedding of Caroline and Hipster Dave. Where else can the seeds of true love bloom except at the Mark II Lounge?

After some dates, a flight to San Francisco, a reunion, and a graduation, the pair decided against all rational thought to head out to the East Bay together. Three years in Oakland led to an unbreakable bond and the adoption of their first child, Sterling Archer Doggo.

The three returned to Chicago in 2018 and a year later adopted the world’s most anxious dog Foggy Nelson, Esq. Armed with a box of pastries from Sweet Mandy B’s, Dave dropped on one knee to propose and now you all have to dress up and drive to the West Loop.

Sterling Archer Doggo’s Tale:
Henlo, frens. My mommy and daddy are the best. Did you know they are two of the four people on Earth allowed to pet me? Well, they’re getting married, which I guess means I will no longer be a bastard.

They met before I was a puppy at a place called the Deuce. I like it because it reminds me of poopy. Speaking of poopy, I have a brother named Foggy Nelson, Esq., although I don’t think he ever went to law school. He is a super anxious boy who I thought would be my fren, but we’re just roommates. I am still the number one dog and he is #2, like poopy.

One day last July daddy came home with a box of sweet shmackos that I was not allowed to have because apparently chocolate is bad for puppers. Mommy didn’t notice the ring at first, but then she did and got excited and Foggy probably borked and stretched because that’s what he does.

I don’t know if I can come to the wedding because Chicago isn’t as cool to doggos as California is, which is where I’m from. Anyways, feel free to get them lots of bones and squeaky balls for their wedding, it is their favorite.